Sustainability.. to the core

As a company we are passionate about the planet and treading as softly upon it as possible in our mission to bring you delicious cakes and desserts. Here are some of the environmentally friendly actions we are taking:


All of our boxes that we send food out for private work are made from recycled materials are recyclable and compostable

We use reusable plastic boxes for desserts which are sent to our retail customers, and returned each week when we deliver.

Food Waste

We hate waste so look at some of the tasty ways we use left overs:

Trim Truffles

We have created the ‘Trim Truffle’ which is lovingly crafted from offcuts of brownie which we ‘trim’ to  size. The trim is then hand rolled into our truffles and filled with orange marmalade or salted caramel then coated in tempered chocolate and dusted in cocoa to finish. We do the same with any cake “trim” in the kitchen also, so this is used for our biscoff truffles which go down a STORM in our truffle selection box!


We have a contract with Octopus energy, for a renewable energy source.

Cleaning Materials & Kitchen Supplies

We use environment friendly washing up liquid, sanitiser and hard surface cleaner sourced from ‘Planet Refill” on Buckingham industrial estate. We love that we can take our empty containers back and refill with all the eco products they have to offer.

We use reusable cloths and sponges which are cleaned and sanitised

Wherever possible we try to avoid buying ingredients packaged in plastic.