Scrumptious and Sustainable

As a company we are passionate about the planet and treading as softly upon it as possible in our mission to bring you delicious pastries, cakes and sweet delights. We are helped in this mission by our partnership with WasteLESS Consulting. Here are some of our the things we are doing:


All of our boxes that we send food out for private work are made from recycled materials are recyclable and compostable

Where possible we use reusable boxes to deliver food to our regular corporate clients.

Food Waste

We hate waste so look at some of the tasty way we use left overs:

Trim Truffles

We have created the ‘Trim Truffle’ which is lovingly crafted from offcuts of brownie which we ‘trim’ to  size. The trim is then mixed with orange zest, rolled into balls, filled with orange marmalade, coated in tempered chocolate and then dusted to finish. They don’t hang around long, YUM!

Apple Pies Galore

Apple and cinnamon jam made from apple trim, puff pastry off cuts from our apple custard tart

We are always looking for ways to reinvent our food waste and are keeping a food waste diary so we have an understanding of what we throw away and how much.

All unavoidable food waste is sent for composting.


We have contracts in place to ensure we are using 100% green electricity.

Cleaning Materials & Kitchen Supplies

We use environment friendly washing up liquid, sanitiser and hard surface cleaner from Zenith Hygenie which comes in recycled packaging.

We use reusable cloths and sponges which are cleaned and sanitised

Wherever possible we try to avoid buying ingredients packaged in plastic.

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Trim Truffles
Trim Truffles
Apple and Cinnamon Jam
Apple and Cinnamon Jam