Sophie and Pure Patisserie can supply specialist celebration cakes, each one bespoke to suit your request.

Perhaps macarons or hand decorated biscuits, we can offer a range of sweet treats to compliment any dinner party or celebration.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Had a wonderful cake from Sophie for my Mum’s birthday. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Beautiful cake, and amazing taste too!”

Every Pure Patisserie cake is made bespoke but here is an approximate price guide, please note these are starting prices for cakes with a simple decorated design, each cake will be priced according to final design and flavour.


  • Lemon and raspberry – lemon drizzle sponge layered between fresh raspberries, raspberry gel and lemon buttercream
  • Carrot and pistachio – Carrot cake layered between pistachio buttercream and orange marmalade
  • Vanilla sponge – Vanilla bean sponge, layered between raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream
  • Signature chocolate cake – Chocolate fudge cake layered between salted caramel and chocolate buttercream
  • Biscoff and caramel – Vanilla bean sponge, layered between salted caramel and biscoff buttercream
  • Pistachio and cherry – Pistachio and almond sponge, layered between cherry gel, fresh cherries and pistachio buttercream
  • Sticky toffee and salted caramel- Sticky toffee sponge, layered between vanilla buttercream and salted caramel sauce
  • Red velvet and raspberry- Red velvet sponge layered between vanilla buttercream, raspberry gel and fresh raspberries
  • Coffee and walnut- Soaked coffee sponge layered between, coffee buttercream and salted caramel


Other flavours are available on request.


  • 6inch shallow buttercream cakes starting from £65 (feed 8-12)
  • 6inch standard buttercream cakes starting from £85 (feed 12-16 large wedges, up to 25 party sized pieces)
  • 8inch buttercream cakes starting from £125 (feed 25 large wedges, up to 40 party sized pieces)
  • 10inch buttercream cake starting from £150 (feed 60 party sized pieces)
  • Single number cakes starting from £85 (feed 12-15)
  • Double number cakes starting from £165 (feed up to 30)
  • Mousse cakes starting from £75
  • Fresh cream cakes starting from £75
  • Buttercream “naked” two tier (8inch and 6inch, feed 80) wedding cakes start from £300
  • Buttercream fully iced two tier (8inch and 6inch, feed 80) wedding cakes start from- £400
  • Fondant covered two tier (8inch and 6inch, feed 80) wedding cakes start from- £500