Your wedding is a very special occasion.  Sophie can bring that extra touch of magic to your day with a truly individual wedding cake, fine dining desserts or a side table of sweet treats to amaze your guests.

Wedding cakes can be decorated in any style, and we can work with you to match your theme.  Sophie also believes they should taste as delicious as they look (or what’s the point?!).  Designed flavoured sponges, from your standard vanilla or lemon to your weird and wonderful sweet potato or beetroot cake.  It is YOUR special day, so why shouldn’t every wedding cake, dessert and sweet treat be tailor made to you?  If you’re stuck for ideas we can help you choose flavours that compliment your theme.

If you’ve got guests with particular dietary requirements, Sophie’s expertise working in Michelin starred restaurants means she can cater for vegan, gluten free, nut, dairy and egg free customers.

If you are looking for the complete catering package, Sophie has partners that can offer the whole menu and a bar if required. All finished off with Pure Patisserie of course.

A no obligation consultation can be arranged at Buckingham where you can see and inspect the kitchen for yourself.

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